Readings and Performances

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HOMAGE TO THE HORSES                                                           






HOMAGE TO MORANDI: The Theatre of Mistakes (videos 1& 2            OBJECTS                                   







Tottenham Marshes water-colour slideshow - first draft








THE FORBIDDEN ROSE -       watch?v=uKzZu4KVxuY (plays best at 480 p)  -

a poem of mine from Silent Highway - Battista Pradal composer, Tenor Alessandro Cortello, cello Riccardo Pes


Alessandro Cortello also recorded two poems of mine from Spending set to music by Michael Nyman in his song cycle "The Garden of Eden".:






Click here to LISTEN to Knickers and Itinerary - from The Garden of Eden.



Click also on The Script of Storms by Michael Hersch for musical settings of my versions of Fawzi Karim.



More videos of performances etc (including Grey Suit videos 1-12) can be found at my vimeo page and at The Theatre of Mistakes site


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